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First Steps

Our team consists of specialists, each with years of knowledge and experience in their particular field. An accurate and balanced mix of logistics, vehicle fleet operation and transport, defense, engineering, chemistry, IT, automation, administration and marketing, have led us to develop a unique and revolutionary product – the BSI Battery Additive & Capsulate .Together we set out to find a solution that could extend battery life, which would be efficient, environmentally friendly, and economical. There are many different solutions on the market, but most suffer from various disadvantages. It was important for us to develop and find a solution which would change the global battery refurbishing industry forever.
Initially, we pursued the conventional directions common in the market today – we used metal-rich battery additives designed to extend battery life. At the same time, however, we continued our development efforts to meet the eco-friendly requirements of today's market. Finally, our engineers found the solution. We discovered an ingenious formula for a unique and totally organic additive & capsulate  which is revolutionizing the battery refurbishing and battery life extension industry around the world.