What are the Benefites

The Benefits  Working With BSI
  • Significant cost savings – Our battery refurbishment and battery life extension solution saves at least about  50%-60%  of the cost of purchasing new batteries. For large battery consumers such as huge fleets, defense forces, ports, cell opertators, communication systems, factories, logistics companies and other battery consumers this means significant savings in their annual budget. 

  • Warranty – All refurbished batteries are covered by an aditional warranty as almost as new batteries. BSI additive is formulated from non-polluting, biodegradable organic materials

  • BSI Additive & Capsulate  – Our Additive & Capsulate, a unique organic additive has a proven track record of over 5 years, and we believe it to be the most advanced additive in its class: it is based on an organic polymer without the use of any metals and is also lead-free.
  • Green technology – As part of our green eco-friendly approach, BSI also utilizes battery waste (scrap). Our battery refurbishment and battery life extension process includes battery acid recycling and enrichment, lead recycling and enrichment, recycling the battery wash water and sale of lead sediment as raw material. 

  • Complete service offering – We provide comprehensive battery solutions:  battery status indication monitors with web-based and cellular remote access, battery chargers and battery dischargers. 

  • Customer-focused service – We arrive at your facilities, transport the batteries to our site and provide you with replacement batteries as available, so that you can continue working without interruption. Our additive is fast-acting, so we can provide fast battery refurbishment services which won't interfere with your day to day operations. 


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