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Locations and Business

BSI Locations and Business Case

Business Models

BSI is operating thru the world via local entities in each local territory.

In each country we create operations using 2 basic business models:
  1. Exclusive agent model:
    -  Local entity gets the exclusive royalty rights for the target
    - The local entity will own 100% of the local BSI additive.

  2. Partnership model:
     - BSI takes the option to be part of  the joint venture (J.V).
     - BSI takes part of the mutual company venture, up to 25%. 

Operational locations:

We have 7 fully operating locations around the world.
See our Battery Referbishing Plants around the world.

We have more locations that should start to work during the years 2013-2015. As part of our global efforts, we plan to open 7 more facilities during 2012.