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Industrial Batteries Short Life Expectancy

Industrial batteries, in contrast to car batteries, are deep discharge batteries used in forklift fleets, golf carts, trains, communications systems, cranes, submarines, and more. These vehicles use electric propulsion or hybrid electric propulsion. Industrial batteries are manufactured  for up to 5 years operational life, but effectively die after 3 years, and in a large number of cases do not last more than 2-3. The reason for this short battery life is hard work load capability with improper service and maintenance, as well as low production quality.

Economic Implication

The short life of industrial batteries puts a substantial financial drain on the organization. BSI's proprietary battery refurbishing and battery life extension technology is designed to save organizations up to 50% on their battery maintenance costs by restoring the majority of industrial batteries to regular use and proper maintenance.

BSI's Industrial Battery Refurbishing and Life Extension Technology – How It Works?

Industrial batteries are built of independent modular work cells (2v), which can be maintained regularly. We have developed a technology that checks and controls the state of industrial battery cells, and enables their restoration up to full original capacity. Each cell in the battery is considered an independent end-unit for quality inspection, and if a cell is found to require refurbishing, it is discharged and undergoes thorough servicing, including addition of the BSI Battery Additive at the battery refurbishing plant.

What Happens at The End of the Industrial Battery Refurbishing Process?

1. Your organization will save about 50% on ongoing battery servicing costs.
2. Industrial battery refurbishing using BSI's technology restores the battery to new-battery performance levels.
3. Under our service agreement, the majority of your organization's batteries will undergo regular servicing and control, and will be covered by a perpetual guarantee.
4. We will replace severely worn batteries before starting service on new, top-quality batteries.

Our Experience Proves

That since 2008, all industrial batteries refurbished by BSI (deep discharge batteries) are still operating with excellent efficiency. For more details, see our customers' recommendations and thank you letters


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